a task — working with NGOs

We have some time off, we are looking for a change of scenery, we want new perspectives. And mostly we want to do something while being out of our daily life. Something with a meaning – small or big. A project. A task.

There are plenty of organizations and opportunities that open their home and their mission to share and to integrate. In our home country and abroad. And usually volunteers are most welcome to pitch in. Depending on the duration of time the task can reach from assisting to conceptional work.

Working with organizations, especially abroad, shouldn’t be about „white saviors“. It is not about rescuing. It should be about the interest in a field of working, in human beings, in cultures.

The winner of our TFL20 wild card is the NGO Rugby Tackling Life who will explain you how it is to work with NGOs, how a cooperation can develop, what kind of tasks can be expected.