home – everywhere, but nowhere

Coming home after traveling, coming back after being abroad for some weeks…or for years, is a typical end of a journey. Or maybe not.

Especially for planning a BIG trip it is often the case that travelers give up everything. Their apartment, their job, their membership in certain clubs, everything. We heard them saying that it is to have a real „restart“ or to afford their trip better or to feel the next steps more intensively. No matter what. This decision is big.

And not many people think about the end while being in the middle of an adventure. And then the bombshell drops: the trip is over and we have to decide either going back to the life circumstances we had before or starting a completely different life. Continuing traveling or settling down somewhere transitionally. There are many answers on how it can be after the originally planned trip is over.

We want to hear more about coming home or not and we invited two travel enthusiasts – Rory Macleod and Albrecht Ihlenburg – who will tell us how it feels to stand right in front of the decision of what to do next, how it is to come home and how it is to decide to stay away, without beloved ones, without the „safety“ feeling at home. Welcome to TFL20, with a talk about homecoming on the 18th of January!