HELLO Albrecht Ihlenburg

I am Albrecht Ihlenburg from Germany and I have been travelling for more than two years. During that journey it was not important how fast and where to go but instead I decided for different rules which guided my way from my hometown in Germany to Mexico: I wouldn’t want to spend money for transportation or accomodation.

That means I had to hitchhike, couchsurf, work for bed and board or camp. It was quite easy-going until I reached the Atlantic Ocean to cross the sea. Here the real adventure started.

In the end I learned how to slow down, be humble and patient to fulfill a dream I always had and to meet the most amazing characters throughout this journey.

After another two years living in Mexico I decided to go back home. In an interview on stage of the TFL20 I will talk about what made me go back and how I felt arriving in a place I know so well, called home.

Albrecht Ihlenburg
live on stage on the 18th of January 2020

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